In the beginning Seren was little

He walked around making squeaky noises.  So we called him Squeaky.

He has sleepy face 'cause he just woke up.

He made funny faces

and attacked anything that moved (like the paper coming out of the printer)


Then we got Seren two playmates

Seren with Momo

Seren beating the crap out of Tassy

He liked playing with the kitty bed

and sleeping...

lots of sleeping.

Seren was bigger and more relaxed as he got older


He loved to flop to the floor like a cow being tipped over.  So we called him Floppy.

Seren loved to eat, a lot.  So we called him Greedy.

Napping was still a favorite pastime.

He was there with you when you were on the couch.

Or on the computer.  He like to lay on the arm that controlled the mouse.

That hand eventually fell asleep.


Seren protected his territory (through the window) against the cats that liked to come onto the porch.


Last Moments

My visit with Seren 2 days before he went to heaven. (He was at a special vet hospital)

I found a cabinet and he climbed right in.


Seren's Last Day

He was weak.

We took him outside.

He did what little exploring he could.


It was always his dream to go outside.

He was happy.

He was relaxed on the way to the vet.

And he passed calmly in the outdoors.  (He is gone in this picture)