Sword of Shanara

     Apprentice Adept by Piers Anthony
1   Split Infinity
2   Blue Adept
3   Juxtaposition
4   Out of Phaze
5   Robot Adept
6   Unicorn Point
7   Phaze Doubt

Lee's Review: 

This series is really half fantasy and half science fiction. It is about a man named Stiles living in a futuristic world called Proton. Stiles is a lowly serf in this world and gets caught up in some bad things and is running for his life when he crosses a “curtain” and ends up in a magical world called Phaze. This place exists just out of phase with Proton and the people that are able to cross back and forth are the ones where their counter self doesn’t exist in the other world. There are only a few people aware of the existence of the other world and some of them plot to have their other selves murdered in the opposite world so that they will be able to pass through. Stiles finds that he has the potential for Adept level magical ability and must learn to use it because there are other Adepts in the magical world that are plotting against him. This is a wonderful story and the crossing between worlds is nicely done and keeps things interesting.

Veronica's Review: 

This was a good series because it pulled off a combination of fantasy and science fiction very tastefully done. It was interesting following the characters as they moved between Proton, the science fiction world, and Phase, the fantasy world. The way the plot was woven across the two worlds was filled with mysteries and left the reader trying to figure out who was behind the assassination attempt on Stiles, the main character. The characters and the writing of the two different worlds made this a fun series to read.

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