Sword of Shanara

   The Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass
1   BattleAxe (The Wayfarer Redemption)
2   Enchanter
3   StarMan

(Note: From the author's website: The Axis Trilogy was my first series of books to be published (in the USA and in some European countries The Axis Trilogy and The Wayfarer Redemption trilogy have been combined into a six book series called The c Redemption).

Lee's Review: 

This series held a couple of surprises throughout the storyline. The main story arch was revealed early on but there were some things that kept you guessing until the end. The characters were interesting enough although I didn't feel a strong connection to them. Magic exists in this series but is seldom used and doesn't ever seem to give any of the characters a real advantage in the situations they get into. Some of the conflict resolution scenes the series built up to were a bit of a let down. The story and little mysterious kept me interested throughout.

Veronica's Review: 

4 stars

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