Sword of Shanara

   The Death Gate Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
1   Dragon Wing
2   Elven Star
3   Fire Sea
4   Serpent Mage
5   The Hand of Chaos
6   Into the Labyrinth
7   The Seventh Gate



Lee's Review: 

The authors of Dragonlance have created another great series with the Death Gate Cycle. This series does not have the usual quest based plot. It starts off with race of Patryns escaping from their wrongful imprisonment in the Labyrinth by the race of Sartans. The Sartans locked the Patryns away and split the world into four new worlds separated by their elements of Stone, Air, Water, and Fire. Xar, the lord of the Patryns sends Haplo to investigate the worlds. Many centuries have past since they were imprisoned and the Sartans have mysteriously disappeared and there are many things that can not be explained. The authors have  developed a different kind of system of magic that they go into great detail in the appendices of each book. Throughout the story there are a number of interesting characters you'll meet along the way in each of the four worlds. I don't like books that are predictable, I like to go along with the story and its characters and have no idea what will happen next and thankfully this series has some parts that keep you guessing. The authors have a great writing style and enjoyable characters you will like reading about.

Veronica's Review: 

5 stars


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