Sword of Shanara

    The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien
1   The Hobbit
2   The Fellowship of the Ring
3   The Two Towers
4   The Return of the King

Lee's Review: 

Tolkien was the originator of the modern fantasy plot Ė a group of various people get together and go a quest to save the world. His writing is very detailed about the world he creates as well as his characters. Watching the relationship between Gimli (dwarf) and Legolas (elf) develop from a dislike of each otherís races to a friendship with good natured ribbing was nicely done and culminated with their competition of who had the higher count of enemies defeated. I liked Gandalf the wizardís character because he wasnít all powerful. He had magic but did not use it unless the situation was dire. Tolkienís writing made you feel like you were another member of the party on the journey safely observing all the action that took place around you.

Veronica's Review: 

Reading this series was what got me into Everquest Ė I wanted to experience the characters and lands I read about. This was the first serious fantasy series I read and I really enjoyed the different characters and races that were in Tolkienís books. I always root for the underdog and being of short stature myself, I took to the Hobbits right away. I found the character of Gimli, the dwarf, to be funny throughout the series. This was a great series because of all the emotions it invokes with the fighting sequences and emotional struggles the characters go through.

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