Sword of Shanara

   Kushiel's Legacy by Jacqueline Carey
1   Kushiel's Dart
2   Kushiel's Chosen
3   Kushiel's Avatar


Lee's Review: 

This was a good series full of political intrigue. It had characters  you liked and hated and there were a number of times where you didn't know what was going to happen next. These are the things I look for in a series and this series didn't disappoint. This is more of an alternate history kind of series with just a little magic in there. The main character, Phèdre, is a follower of a God in which people show their devotion by prostitution. She is also special in that she receives pleasure through pain. This is an adult read but the scenes are not gratuitous but integral to the plot. There is a lot of sadomasochism involved so sensitive readers should abstain. The writing itself is very strong and the writer does an excellent job with the descriptions and character interaction. 

Veronica's Review: 

5 stars

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