Sword of Shanara

   Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams
1   The Dragonbone Chair
2   Stone of Farewell
3   To Green Angel Tower, Part 1
4   To Green Angel Tower, Part 2

Lee's Review: 

This was one of the few series I found difficult to get into. Besides having a very slow beginning, I never found myself really getting into the characters. The main character, Simon, is a young orphan working in the kitchen who finds himself suddenly mixed up in a series of events where the evil Storm King is returning and attempting to take over the once peaceful kingdom. Along the way Simon meets a princess and befriends Binabik, a small kindly troll, and they find themselves traveling all across the land in search of magical swords that are prophesized to help them defeat the Storm King. I really felt detached from the story while reading it and it wasnít until the third book that I lost the sense that I was reading a book and could start to feel immersed in the story. I did not like the way the detailed descriptions were done and found myself skimming over a number of parts. Now, it's not that I donít like highly descriptive writing Ė I loved Robert Jordanís Wheel of Time series which is quite descriptive, but Jordan has a different style of writing that I become instantly immersed in and if he wrote 10 pages describing a tree Iíd probably enjoy it. The main thing that kept me from enjoying this series was that I never got into the characters enough to care what happened to them one way or another and I think that may also have been related to the writing style which just wasnít for me.

Veronica's Review: 

Did not read this series

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