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I am a software developer in my thirties. I have a BS in statistics from UCF. I never really read any fiction for pleasure until four years ago. I had read a lot of books but they were all technical or for informative purposes. In school, I was never into reading for fun. I had to do a lot of required reading from textbooks and just didn't want to spend my free time reading. I can't remember ever getting into any particular book in school except for one: "A Spell for Chameleon" from Piers Anthony's "Xanth" series. This is what started me reading four years ago - Veronica and I were in the library and she was looking for a new book to read and everything she could think of at the time was checked out so I thought back and remembered that book. She checked it out but was still finishing her last book; so I picked it up and read it. I've been reading books in the fantasy genre ever since.


Veronica is my wife and is an administrative assistant in her twenties. She has a BA in psychology from UCF. She has always loved reading. She's read many books from the classics, to mystery,  horror and fantasy.  She likes the horror genre the most; author John Saul is her current favorite. Since I started reading, however, she has been reading the fantasy books along with me. She does most of her reading while eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also while riding in the car.  If we're going to the corner store, she has to grab her book. I try to read the books first because if I don't, she has a tendency to get excited and accidentally give away the story. I enjoy talking with her about the books we read.

Amazon Spotlight

A few of the reviews include a reader review from Amazon.com. I chose to include the review because I felt it was a perfect representation of the series and after reading their review it was what made me decide to read the series. This is mostly how I go about selecting the next series to read - by reading reviews off of Amazon.com. I'll find a series I've already read and look for reviews that match my opinion. Then if the reviewer mentions other series in the course of the review I'll look up those other series and read their reviews. After looking through those reviews if I find one that's truly inspiring I'll go ahead and read the series. If I end up enjoying the series as much as I thought I would after reading the review, I'll post the review here for others to read.


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