Sword of Shanara

   The Icewind Dale Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore
1   The Crystal Shard
2   Streams of Silver
3   The Halfling's Gem

   The Dark Elf Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore

4   Homeland
5   Exile
6   Sojourn

   The Legacy of the Drow Series by R. A. Salvatore

7   The Legacy
8   Starless Night
9   Siege of Darkness
10   Passage to Dawn

   The Paths of Darkness Series by R. A. Salvatore

11   The Silent Blade
12   The Spine of the World
13   Servant of the Shard
14   Sea of Swords

   The Hunter's Blades Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore

15   The Thousand Orcs
16   The Lone Drow
17   The Two Swords

   The Sellswords by R. A. Salvatore

  Note: #13 above (Servant of the Shard) is also considered the 1st book in this series)
18   The Promise of the Witch King
19   Road of the Patriarch

   Transitions by R. A. Salvatore

20   The Orc King
21   The Pirate King
22   The Ghost King

(Note: There are many Forgotten Realms books by different authors. Here is a link to a Forgotten Realms site.)

Lee's Review: 

If you like reading something that has a lot of action in it then you should like this series. It had more action and battle scenes then any other series I have read. Salvatore's descriptions of the fight scenes are quite good and really help you to picture what is going on in your mind. You are able to see the characters blocking and thrusting with their swords and imagine yourself in the battle. The main character of the series is Drizzt, a dark elf, who has forsaken the evil ways of his race and left his city beneath the ground to live on the surface. Drizzt has to deal with the reputation of his race and must overcome the struggles that come from it. He has made good friends that are his loyal companions among the other races such as Wulfgar (a Barbarian), Bruenor(a Dwarf), and Regis(a Halfling). The basic premise of the plots of the books throughout the series do not vary too much, but I think the author has mentioned that he likes writing battle scenes, so that would explain the need to put the characters in a lot of situations to do battle in. You will see the main characters face over whelming odds time and time again and always come out on top. If you like reading about fight scenes and having your favorite character come back and destroy their opponent then you should thoroughly enjoy this series.

Veronica's Review: 

4 stars

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