Sword of Shanara

    Riftwar Saga by Raymond E. Feist
1   Magician Apprentice
2   Magician Master
3   Silverthorn
4   A Darkness at Sethanon
5   Prince of the Blood
6   The King's Buccaneer

Lee's Review: 

This was a good read. It is a fast paced story about an orphan named Pug who becomes an apprentice to a magician during a time where a rift opens up between his world and another and the two go to war. The story shifts between characters throughout the series and there are periods where years will pass in the story and you get to see some characters go through a lot of changes both emotionally and magically. I liked the way the story progressed and the characters in it. The plot had some nice turns to it and wasn’t always predictable.

Veronica's Review: 

This series is about two childhood friends who wish to become something great when they grow up.  Pug wishes to become a great magician.  Thomas wishes to become a valiant warrior.  These friends start out together in life.  But their paths soon diverge and you follow the paths of the two throughout the story.  This story was different in that usually you have the warrior fighting alongside a magician.  These friends must rely on their own independent strengths to overcome their obstacles in life.

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