Sword of Shanara

   The Runelords by David Farland
1   The Runelords: Sum of All Men
2   Brotherhood of the Wolf
3   Wizardborn
4   The Lair of Bones


Lee's Review: 

This series has a unique system of magic where people are able to transfer "endowments" such as wit, grace, brawn, stamina, metabolism or sight. to each other. A person receiving an endowment of sight would be able to see twice as far as before, however the person giving them the endowment would then go blind. Only the rich are able to afford  the rare blood metal that's used to transfer the endowments. The Lords of kingdoms are able to afford the blood metal and have taken many of the different endowments giving them the title Rune Lord. Taking endowments from people and leaving them crippled brings up some moral dilemmas with the good characters of the series, however, when push comes to shove they decide to put their morals aside for the good of the kingdom and take the endowments anyways. The character's actions don't seem consistent throughout the series and there were plot threads that were hastily wrapped up in the last hundred pages. I found the idea of endowments interesting, but the character development and interaction wasn't very strong.

 Veronica's Review: 

Did not read this series

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