Sword of Shanara

   Symphony of Ages by Elizabeth Haydon
1   Rhapsody
2   Prophecy
3   Destiny

Lee's Review: 

I liked this series. It did not have your standard fantasy plot. The characters were good in this series. Rhapsody is the strong female lead character that has some powerful abilities and is yet still vulnerable. Her two companions are fierce warriors and assassins that she grows to care about. The story also begins with two characters that are mysteriously throw together for a brief time and then tragically separated across time. You learn a little about what happens to these characters as the plot moves along and you hope that they may reunite somehow. The dialog is good and contains a lot of humor throughout the series. This series was a nice change of pace from the standard fantasy novels out there.

Veronica's Review: 

I really liked this series.  The main character is a woman named Rhapsody.  She’s a real woman, not like those women portrayed in the horror movies who fall as they’re being chased and sprain their ankle.  She is strong yet vulnerable, independent but still needing support, and athletic but still feminine.  Rhapsody’s companions are both male.  One is the “big teddy bear” and the other one, you either love or you hate.  I found myself wishing I could take a few swings at him a couple of times.  The author was excellent in character personification.


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