Sword of Shanara

   Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
1   The Eye of the World
2   The Great Hunt
3   The Dragon Reborn
4   The Shadow Rising
5   The Fires of Heaven
6   Lord of Chaos
7   A Crown of Swords
8   The Path of Daggers
9   Winter's Heart
10   Crossroads of Twilight
11   Knife of Dreams
12   The Gathering Storm
13   Towers of Midnight (to be written and published November 2010)
14   A Memory of Light (to be written and published November 2011)
1   A New Spring (prequel)

Lee's Review: 

This is one of my favorite fantasy series. I love Robert Jordan’s writing style – he has a way of story telling that instantly immerses me in his world. I actually held off reading the series for a while because I had read he was quite descriptive in his writing and I wasn’t a fan of highly descriptive works. I went to a local bookstore looking for a new series and decided to read the opening prologue and was instantly hooked - I knew this was going to be a story of epic proportions. This series has more characters and plot threads then anything else I have read, but the complexity is part of what makes it so enjoyable. If you like magic this is a great series for you because it’s full of it although it doesn’t really take off until a couple of books into the series. This is one of those series that invokes a number of emotions while reading it – you’ll feel yourself growing attached to certain characters and worrying about them when they become captured or feeling an exhilaration when the defeat an enemy. You’ll also learn to really hate certain characters in the books and hope that they don’t pull the characters you like into their traps. This is simply a fantastic series that I highly recommend to anyone.

Veronica's Review: 

I LOVE this series!  This would make a great movie (if done right)!  What doesn’t this series have?! (Except a resolution - more books to be written)  It has a bad guy, an ultimate good guy (who doesn’t want the responsibility), friends, enemies, and a lot of people who all think if things are done their way everything will work out fine.  The main characters in the story are a group of people who grew up together in the same town.  This closeness lends to their defense of “one of their own”.  It also lends to the reality check when some think they have become better than the others.  This series has moments of greatness when some realize their strength or their responsibility or their sacrifice.  I felt their burden, their defeats, their struggles and their triumphs.  I laughed, cried, and cried some more.

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