Sword of Shanara


     Xanth by Piers Anthony
1   A Spell for Chameleon
2   The Source of Magic
3   Castle Roogna
4   Centaur Aisle
5   Ogre, Ogre
6   Night Mare
7   Dragon on a Pedestal
8   Crewel Lye
9   Golem in the Gears
10   Vale of the Vole
11   Heaven Cent
12   Man from Mundania
13   Isle of View
14   Question Quest
15   The Color of Her Panties
16   Demons Don't Dream
17   Harpy Thyme
18   Geis of the Gargoyle
19   Roc and a Hard Place
20   Yon Ill Wind
21   Faun & Games
22   Zombie Lover
23   Xone of Contention
24   The Dastard
25   Swell Foop
26   Up in a Heaval
27   Cube Route
28   Currant Events
29   Pet Peeve


  Stork Naked


  Air Apparent


  Two to the Fifth


  Jumper Cable


  Knot Gneiss (to be published October 2010?)
  (more to be written)

Lee's Review: 

The Xanth series is light humorous fantasy that is filled with puns. Each book in the series is stand alone and completes its story; there are no cliff hangers from book to book. You could start and stop reading anywhere in the series. The series progresses through time and you will see a couple of generations of characters from the original ones. The old ones do come back and make new appearances as they may rejuvenate from a fountain of youth. This series is highly imaginative and creative Ė if you thought Harry Potter was imaginative then this series will definitively kick it up a notch in that department. There is a cross over between Xanth and our world (Mundania) and characters from both worlds cross over in different books. There are all sorts of magical beings in Xanth such as harpies, merfolk, naga, sphinxes, ogres, goblins, elves, fauns, nymphs, fairies, werewolves, and centaurs. The people in Xanth each possess one magical talent from being able to create a dot on a wall, to making plants grow, and even being able to change people into other creatures. This is a fun light-hearted fantasy to read.

Veronica's Review: 

In this series everybody has some magic power. They each have one unique magic talent that no one else can do such as turning people to stone or being able to talk to inanimate objects. The mood of the series was generally light but in each story the lead character usually has to learn their self importance or their role in Xanth by overcoming some kind of obstacle. This is a funny series to read if you donít mind puns.

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